Thousands March in Northern Ireland for Same Sex Marriage

INTERNATIONAL | May 18, 2019

Thousands are marching in Northern Ireland to demand that the region's leaders permit same-sex marriage.

Romanians Back Marriage Redefinition, but Referendum Voided


More than 90 percent of those who took part in a national referendum in Romania supported defining marriage as a union between a man and a woman, but the vote was invalidated as too few people cast ballots, officials said Monday.

Court Orders Arizona Tribe to Recognize Gay Marriages

NATIONAL | Oct 30, 2017

A tribal court has cleared the way for gay couples to marry on an American Indian reservation in the Phoenix area after a two-year legal battle that could have repercussions for Native Americans elsewhere.

Germany Celebrates 1st Same-Sex Weddings After Law Change

INTERNATIONAL | By Frank Jordans | Oct 1, 2017

Germany celebrated its first same-sex weddings Sunday, after a new law came into force putting gay and lesbian couples on an equal legal footing with heterosexual couples.

Catholic Malta Legalizes Gay Marriage Over Church Objection

INTERNATIONAL | By Stephen Calleja | Jul 12, 2017

The predominantly Roman Catholic island nation of Malta is set to legalize gay marriage, joining much of Western Europe by replacing the traditional "you are now husband and wife" declaration in civil ceremonies with "you are now spouses."

Germany Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage After Merkel U-Turn

INTERNATIONAL | By David Rising | Jun 30, 2017

German lawmakers voted Friday to legalize same-sex marriage after a short but emotional debate, bringing the country in line with many of its Western peers.

German Parliament Set to Vote Friday on Gay Marriage

INTERNATIONAL | Jun 28, 2017

The German Parliament plans to vote Friday on whether to legalize same-sex marriage - only days after Chancellor Angela Merkel backed off her conservative party's long-standing refusal to budge on the issue.

DIY: Turn Pinecones, Paper and Felt Into Faux Succulent Plants

HOME | By Holly Ramer | Jun 17, 2017

Don't have a green thumb but a bit crafty? Check out these home projects to create your own succulents at home.

Taiwan Becomes 1st in Asia to Recognize Same-Sex Marriage

INTERNATIONAL | By Johnson Lai and Christopher Bodeen | May 24, 2017

In a first for Asia, Taiwan's Constitutional Court ruled in favor of same-sex marriage on Wednesday, punctuating a yearslong campaign by advocates for gay rights in one of the continent's most liberal democracies.

A Lawmaker's Solution for Marriage Debate: Remove the State

NATIONAL | By Summer Ballentine | Dec 30, 2016

A Missouri Republican saw a debate over a proposed constitutional amendment that would protect businesses that deny services to gay couples bring lawmakers to tears and halt legislative work. His solution: Take state government out of marriage completely.

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