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Health Officials Let COVID-Infected Hospital Staff Stay on the Job

By Adriana Gomez Licon, Jennifer McDermott | Jan 11, 2022

U.S. Health authorities are increasingly taking the step of allowing nurses and other workers infected with the coronavirus to stay on the job if they have mild symptoms or none at all.

Stay Home or Work Sick? Omicron Poses a Conundrum

By Anne D'Innocenzio, Dee-Ann Durbin | Jan 10, 2022

As the COVID-19 omicron variant rages on, millions of those whose jobs don't provide paid sick days are having to choose between their health and their paycheck.

Explainer: Why US Inflation Is so High, and When It May Ease

By Paul Wiseman | Nov 11, 2021

Inflation is spiraling. What can be done?

Ruby Rose Alleges CW's 'Batwoman' had Toxic Workplace, Execs Respond

By Emell Adolphus | Oct 21, 2021

Ruby Rose says a toxic work environment is the real reason they walked away from CW's "Batwoman." Execs respond and reveal complaints against the actor.

Strike Dodged with Deal Between Film and Tv Crews, Studios

By Andrew Dalton | Oct 17, 2021

An 11th-hour deal was reached Saturday, averting a strike of film and television crews that would have seen some 60,000 behind-the-scenes workers walk off their jobs.

Netflix Employee Fired in Wake of Chappelle Special Furor

Oct 16, 2021

Netflix said Friday that it had fired an employee for disclosing confidential financial information about what it paid for Dave Chappelle's comedy special "The Closer," which some condemned as being transphobic.

Film, TV Workers Union Says Strike to Start Next Week

Film, TV Workers Union Says Strike to Start Next Week

By Andrew Dalton and Lindsey Bahr | Oct 13, 2021

The union representing film and television crews says its 60,000 members will begin a nationwide strike on Monday if it does not reach a deal that satisfies demands for fair and safe working conditions.

Fired High School Coach Sues, Alleges Homophobic Discrimination

By Kilian Melloy | Sep 30, 2021

A California high school cheer coach who was abruptly fired earlier this year despite having received a positive evaluation has filed suit against the school district, alleging anti-gay discrimination.

Former Fox News Anchor Shepard Smith Opens Up about Being the 'Token Gay'

By Kilian Melloy | Sep 19, 2021

CNBC anchor Shepard Smith gave a few pointers for how LGTBQ+ professionals can deal with being "tokenized" at work. Rule #1: Use calm, concise, face to face communication.

Oklahoma School Ordered to Reinstate Transgender Professor

By Sean Murphy | Sep 15, 2021

A university in southeast Oklahoma that was found to have discriminated against a transgender English professor must reinstate the professor with tenure, a federal appeals court ruled.

Jobless Americans Will Have Few Options as Benefits Expire

By Ken Sweet | Sep 7, 2021

Millions of jobless Americans lost their unemployment benefits on Monday, leaving only a handful of economic support programs for those who are still being hit financially by the year-and-a-half-old coronavirus pandemic.

After Pride Flag Pledge Joke, California Teacher Now Placed on Leave

By Emell Adolphus | Sep 3, 2021

A California teacher who joked that her students should pledge allegiance to the LGBTQ+ Pride flag has now been placed on leave.

What Can Employers Do if Workers Avoid COVID-19 Vaccines?

By Tom Murphy | Sep 2, 2021

It's legal for businesses to require the shots, and they could fire employees who don't comply. In other cases, workers might be required to wear masks or get regular tests for the virus.

How Your Job Can Affect Your Heart Health

By Michael Precker, American Heart Association News | Aug 31, 2021

Is your job good for your health? From the factory floor to the phone bank, from the boardroom to the emergency room, it's a complicated question to consider as we pursue paychecks and navigate careers.

Colorado Volleyball Coach Told to Deny Being Gay or Resign

Aug 29, 2021

A Colorado Christian school gave a staff member a choice: Either agree with the school's beliefs regarding homosexuality, or resign. Inoke Tonga is now a former member of the Valor Christian High School staff.

Adult Performer Josh Moore Lashes Out at Those Laughing at Sex Workers Impacted by OnlyFans Decision

Aug 22, 2021

The economic and emotional fallout from OnlyFans decision to block explicit content from the site after October 1 continues with sex workers most impacted. Adult performer Josh Moore expressed his frustration in a tweet.

Disney Requiring US Employees to Be Vaccinated Against Virus

Jul 31, 2021

The Walt Disney Company has joined other large companies in requiring employees to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

$15 Wage Becoming a Norm as Employers Struggle to Fill Jobs

By Christopher Rugaber | Jul 27, 2021

The signs and banners are dotted along suburban commercial strips and hanging in shop windows and restaurants, evidence of a new desperation among America's service-industry employers: "Now Hiring, $15 an hour."

Allegations: Gay Man Forced Out of Christian Theater and His Departure Papered Over With 'Beautiful Lie'

By Kilian Melloy | Jul 27, 2021

A gay man alleges he was forced out of his job at a Christian theater organization — and then his departure was swept under the rug with a "beautiful lie" that avoided the real reason.

Fewer Working-Age People May Slow Economy. Will It Lift Pay?

By Christopher Rugaber | Jul 3, 2021

As America's job market rebounds this summer and the need for workers intensifies, employers won't likely have a chance to relax anytime soon.

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