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Love, Dmitri

By Paul Parish | Monday May 20, 2019
When the glorious dancers of San Francisco Ballet, the pride of our city, ended their season at the Opera House with a brilliant run of "Shostakovich Trilogy," a three-act abstract ballet, they presented a political spectacle of almost imponderable depth.

Study confirms no transmissions with undetectable HIV

Monday May 20, 2019
The largest treatment-as-prevention study for gay and bisexual men confirms that people on antiretroviral therapy with undetectable viral load do not transmit HIV.

Online Extra: Political Notes: Two more CA LGBT bills shelved until 2020 session

Friday May 17, 2019
California lawmakers shelved two more LGBT bills as the majority of this year's legislation advancing LGBT rights heads for final votes in their house of origin.

US House passes Equality Act

Friday May 17, 2019
The House of Representatives Friday approved the Equality Act, legislation that would protect LGBTQ people from discrimination throughout daily life.

The Raid on Tommy's Place - a case of Cold War anti-queer crackdowns

By Michael Flanagan | Thursday May 16, 2019
Paranoia, red-baiting and homophobia swept across the United States in the early 1950s like a cold fire, and San Francisco was not exempt from its reach. The vile Joseph McCarthy and his toady Roy Cohn engaged the country in the Army-McCarthy hearings.

Nightlife Events May 16-23, 2019

By Events Editor | Thursday May 16, 2019
Steppin' out, dressing' up, getting' down, see ya 'round the town.

Our Family Coalition ED to depart

Wednesday May 15, 2019
Our Family Coalition Executive Director Renata Moreira announced Monday, May 13, that she is resigning from the organization to spend more time with her family.

Milk's spirit lives on in art

By Sam Moore | Wednesday May 15, 2019
With 35 storefront windows throughout the Castro district displaying work by local artists beginning Friday, this year's Windows for Harvey exhibit is set to be the biggest one yet.

Political Notebook: Growing list of East Bay cities celebrate Pride

Wednesday May 15, 2019
Five decades after an uprising against police brutality at a New York City gay bar sparked the creation of Pride parades and festivals in June, the number of East Bay cities officially recognizing the annual LGBT celebration is growing.

Updated: Report details CA schools failing LGBT students

Wednesday May 15, 2019
A groundbreaking report has found that the majority of California's school districts are failing LGBT students.

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