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Legal Eagles

by Ken Tasho
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Tuesday Feb 11, 2020
Legal Eagles

Featuring the grand comedy movie tradition of bickering couples, a forgotten 1980s film with sharp wit, classy actors, and a love/hate relationship sees its first ever Blu-ray release.

But if the title doesn't make you wince, many of the situations in "Legal Eagles" may make you groan. The chemistry between Debra Winger and Robert Redford seems to be the selling point in this 1986 comedy. They're great in their roles but the relationship between the two becomes sorely underdeveloped.

Winger and Redford play defense attorney and assistant district attorney, respectively. Redford's character is clumsy and cute, and a divorced dad with a precocious teenager. Winger's character sits in bed and overeats, a single woman and depressed about it.

The two come together in a case involving stolen paintings and a covered-up murder, all involving Daryl Hannah's character.

Many critics back in the day liked Daryl Hannah the best in "Legal Eagles" as a spaced-out visual artist. She's definitely a lot of fun to watch, as she sexily seduces Redford and shows her talents as a comedienne.

But just as we start to get to know the characters, inane plot devices (many of them involving fire and/or car chases) mire the proceedings. As a comedy, "Legal Eagles" just isn't all that funny.

Yet Redford and Winger make a damn, cute couple.

A vintage making-of featurette and trailers for other 1980's comedies are included on Kino Lorber's nicely restored Blu-ray.

"Legal Eagles"

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