Watch: Baseball-Playing Thirst Trap Josh Goldstein Seeks Ideal Teammate on 'Love Island'

Monday July 26, 2021
Originally published on July 22, 2021

"Love Island," CBS's American edition of the British hit reality series, is one of the more addictive shows of the summer, if only because the network is broadcasting it multiple times a week over a three-week span, totaling some 29 episodes before it ends on August 15. The dating reality series brought a group of contestants (called "Islanders") to a remote Hawaiian villa (called Casa Amor) where they pair up in hopes of finding love and taking home the $100,000 prize.

The show is fraught with drama, of course, as 12 contestants couple up, then re-couple, throughout the series. Islanders can be eliminated, or dumped, for several reasons, including for remaining single after a re-coupling session and by public vote through the "Love Island" mobile app.

While the cast certainly has its lookers, one standout is Josh Goldstein, a 24-year old college baseball athlete from Haverhill, Massachusetts. "Josh is a college athlete with a very long career in baseball," writes Screen Rant. He is of Hungarian descent and considers himself a "good guy." As such, Goldstein doesn't want to get labeled as a "player" who is just trying to have fun in the villa.

Goldstein is studying for a graduate degree in business but confesses his first love is baseball. In fact, his love for the sport almost kept him off "Love Island." Having to choose between appearing on the third season of the show or playing in the Division 2 College World Series. "Not surprisingly, Haverhill's Joshua Goldstein, a captain on the Southern New Hampshire University powerhouse baseball team, knew his priority: baseball," reports The Eagle-Tribune.

He finished the last three full seasons with the Southern New Hampshire University Penmen as the starting second baseman, hitting .317 over his career. The team won the Northeast-10 regular season championship all three years he was a starter and last month won the NE-10 tournament.

As it turns out, he was able to do both. "In light of his decision, the 'Love Island' producers were so impressed by Goldstein's photos, videos, and meetings with them that they decided to wait it out and allow him to travel to Hawaii later than he would have so he could finish the baseball season."

When SNHU was eliminated from the World Series in North Carolina on June 8, Goldstein got a call from the show's producers the next day about him hopping on a flight that night. "Love Island USA" is unusual in that it broadcasts episodes as they are being filmed, which makes the competition play out in real-time.

On the show, Goldstein is currently paired with Shannon St. Clair. "Josh seems to have found the girl who fits the bill in Shannon, a Bucks County native with whom he coupled up early on. Let's hope nothing else comes between them," reports Distractify.

"I would say I'm a nice guy, depends which girls you ask," Goldstein explains in his "Love Island USA" profile. "If I meet a girl and I know that she is special, I'm going to take her on a date, and I'm not going to take her into my bedroom. But for the majority of girls, that's where we go."

He continued: "When I'm committed to my girl, she is like a queen to me. She comes first over everybody, and she knows it. She's gotta have the two 'Fs,' finesse and family. I'm big into family. I'm family-oriented," he added. "I'm trying to find my permanent teammate, the shortstop to my second base."

Check out these pics from Goldstein's IG below: