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Defense Accuses Brother in Smollett Case of Having Sex with the Actor in Bathhouse

Sunday December 5, 2021

The defense in the Jessie Smollett trial went on the offensive this week when cross-examining the two brothers whom the ex-"Empire" actor was said to have hired for a staged hate crime incident in Chicago in January 2019. The brothers — Abimbola Osundairo, 28 and Olabinjo Osundairo, 30 — are the prosecution's star witnesses in their case against Smollett.

But in cross-examination on Thursday, the New York Post writes, "they were painted as homophobic, drug-dealing opportunists who had a history of lying and intended to hurt the actor."

Smollett's attorney Shay Allen alleged that Abimbola Osundairo "he and the 'Empire' actor had previously dated and had masturbated together at a gay bathhouse and that the attack was fueled by a desire to be the actor's security guard."

While Olabinjo Osundairo "was questioned on past homophobic comments he made and admitted he used such derogatory terms toward men he 'suspected' were gay."

In cross-examining Abimbola, "Allen alleged that he used his relationship with Smollett to further his acting career and that he told the star he wouldn't testify and could make this 'all go away' if he paid him and Olabinjo $1 million each."

"You told him if he gave you and your brother a million dollars each, you wouldn't testify?" Allen barked at Abimbola, who responded, "No."

Allen piqued Abimbola by suggesting they had a sexual relationship and asking him when they started dating.

"What? We were never dating," said Abimbola, while, the Post added, Smollett avoided his gaze from across the room.

On Wednesday, Abimbola admitted going to the bathhouse in Chicago's Boystown. Allen pressed him on whether gay pornography was playing on monitors in the club.

"I don't recall," Abimbola said.

"You don't recall seeing gay pornography?... You don't remember masturbating with him?" Allen asked.

Abimbola said, "No."

The Post added: "Multiple Yelp reviews for the bathhouse indicate pornography is played at the spa, which is outfitted with numerous 'glory holes' and 'hook-up rooms.'"

The defense also attempted to cast Abimbola as a homophobe. Allen mentioned that homosexuality is illegal in Nigeria, where the brothers have strong ties, and claimed Abimbola had called someone on the set of "Empire" a "f-?-?-?-t." But the prosecution successfully objected to the questions.

Older brother Olabinjo went into greater detail about his own role and about what Smollett allegedly asked him and his brother to do," writes the Post.

"He went on to explain that there was some hate mail sent to him at 'Empire' studios and he had this crazy idea that two MAGA Trump supporters attack him so he can get the footage of that and put it on social media and have that shown to 'Empire' studios," Olabinjo testified.

"At first, I was kind of taken aback... when I thought about it, it's Hollywood, I was like, it's probably what they do out there," he later added.