Lost In Space - The Complete First Season

by JC Alvarez

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Tuesday June 11, 2019

Lost In Space - The Complete First Season

If you stick around long enough everything — in popular culture — comes around. Every idea, every piece of art, every franchise gets revisited. It's no longer considered a fad, given the rate the Hollywood reimagines, reboots and recasts, any number of studio takes on — or leading actor — it recasts to meet the tastes of an easily distracted audience always on the uptake for something nostalgic to claim as its own. Banking on the familiarity of its franchise name "Lost In Space - The Complete First Season" goes boldly again into unknown territory.

Loosely based on the campy sci-fi series from the 1960s that somehow outshined "Star Trek" in primetime - and that was itself loosely based on the popular classic book "Swiss Family Robinson," which was made into a film by Disney and then into a theme park attraction - "Lost in Space" follows a family from the future, The Robinsons. Molly Parker ("House of Cards") and Toby Stephens ("Black Sails") star as Maureen and John Robinson, the estranged wife and husband of a nuclear family of genius kids including daughters Judy, Penny and their son Will.

When a comet enters Earth's atmosphere and causes a near extinction level event, the human race takes measures to evacuate as many people as possible. Maureen is able to get herself and her family aboard the colony spacecraft The Resolute — with the promise to find a new home and build a better tomorrow — but the ship is attacked and then pulled through a wormhole sent millions of light years away from known space. The Robinsons board their assigned Jupiter-class escape module but are thrown off course and crash onto an alien planet.

From the moment they land, their lives become one survival test after another. Their oldest daughter Judy (Taylor Russell), a doctor, gets trapped under ice while trying to salvage their ship that becomes submerged under the alien frozen tundra. Maureen's leg is broken, and while John and his son Will try to find a way to free Judy, Penny (Mina Sundwall) has to perform emergency surgery to save their mom.... and that's all in the first 24 hours of The Robinsons experience lost in space.

The series is unlike its predecessor in that it relies heavily on "real world" science and technology, although of course our heroes are trapped on the other end of the cosmos. The Robinsons are also not unlike most contemporary families in that they have issues. Before they blasted into space to journey to settle on a new frontier, Maureen and John were wrestling with their marriage — or lack thereof — and even as their worlds crumbled around their ears the Robinsons managed to pull it together for the sake of their exceptional children, especially their son.

Their youngest, Will (Maxwell Jenkins), becomes separated from his dad and stumbles upon an underground oasis. There he discovers an AI (artificial intelligence) that may (or may not) be an indigenous inhabitant of the planet or a dormant weapon system that may have been sent to destroy them all. The "robot" becomes a prized commodity that everyone wants to control, especially Parker Posey, who has literally and fugitively assumed the role of the nefarious Dr. Smith. but only young Will can command the big guy... which is good for our heroes.

The 3-disc Blu-ray set features all 10 of the First Season episodes, which are presented in glorious high-definition picture and DTS-HD Master Audio and is loaded with exclusive bonus content including Behind-the-Scenes looks at the making of the reboot. The disc also includes the colorized "unaired pilot" of the Original Series. "Lost In Space - The Complete First Season" is an out of this world adventure that the whole family can get into, and with the Second Season just over the horizon, this is the perfect opportunity to discover exactly what's out there.

"Lost in Space - The Complete First Season"




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