Watch: Armie Hammer Licks Crystals Off Friend's Hand, Drinks Beer While Driving

Thursday January 14, 2021

Armie Hammer seen drinking beer in a video leaked on Wednesday
Armie Hammer seen drinking beer in a video leaked on Wednesday  (Source:Daily Mail video)

"s**t's getting weird" said Armie Hammer in one video; in another he is heard saying "'sending love, boys' after taking a swig from his beer can while behind the wheel," reports the Daily Mail who obtained the videos.

It is the latest in disturbing news about the "Call Me By Your Name"-star after he was named over the weekend on Instagram of speaking to women in a way that is sexually domineering and violent. The videos were leaked to the British news site by a source close to the family.

The source said: "He always liked to drink, do drugs, but never like this."

In the video where he says things are getting weird, the actor (sporting a shaved head) is "seen licking the substance out of his friend's hand, before the man says 'more, more, more, more', prompting Hammer to go back and clean off the rest of the man's hand," writes the DM. "Got it all," he says with a grimace.

In the second video, Hammer is again in a car, this time driving alone. With the camera placed on the dashboard, he appears to take his hands off the wheel as he opens a can of Miller Lite. "He then takes a long swig of it and exhales in satisfaction, before saying to the camera, 'sending love, boys,' " adds the DM.

"The actor is yet to speak publicly on the matter, and multiple requests for comment sent to his representatives have so far gone unanswered."

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