Watch: Harry Styles Channels Dorothy for NYC Concert

Monday November 1, 2021

Harry Styles is not just a friend of Dorothy, but styled like her as well during his set of Halloween concerts at NYC's Madison Square Garden this weekend.

"HARRYWEEN. New York City, NY.," he wrote in IG.

"Wearing a blue and white dress reminiscent of the one that Garland wore as Dorothy in the popular film, Styles completed his look with rosy red cheeks, red tights and a matching bow in his hair — alongside a pair of ruby red Gucci slippers, of course!," writes People.

"While Styles performed, a picnic basket and a fake dog meant to look just like Dorothy's Toto from the movie also sat beside the former One Direction member onstage."

UPROXX reports: "Along with including Orville Peck on the bill (see him and his crew decked out to the nines above), Harry himself opted to get into costume for the special occasion, becoming Dorothy from 'The Wizard Of Oz 'and even going so far as to sing 'Somewhere Over The Rainbow' during his set. Was he rocking ruby red slippers when he did it? Why absolutely he was. Check out a clip from the cover below:"

Styles had encouraged his fans to come to the concerts decked out in their Halloween garb. "The singer's fans, who go by the 'Harries,' certainly did not disappoint (how could they, when the object of their affections is so well dressed, too?). Spread the word: Dressing up for Harry Styles is the new trick-or-treating," reports Vogue. "Fembots, angels, ghosts, Disney princesses, and Britney Spears impersonators lined around the block at Madison Square Garden in New York on Saturday evening."

Vogue continued: "While the over-the-top costumes were vast and varied last night, there was a through line between them all. Many attendees came armed with their best homemade signs, to grab Styles's attention while he performed. 'I spent my student loan money on you!' and 'Punch me in the face! Ring on!' were just two examples. It was simply the best Halloween costume party in town — with the added bonus of being serenaded to by Harry Styles all night. No biggie."

He was joined at the concert by out country singer Orville Peck, who wrote in an IG: "Happy (night one) of #harryween from your local spooky western goths! Ready to haunt @thegarden with y'all, NYC"