Gay Actors Jonathan Bennett, Daniel Franzese Celebrate 'Mean Girls Day'

by Kilian Melloy

EDGE Staff Reporter

Tuesday October 4, 2022

Gay Actors Jonathan Bennett, Daniel Franzese Celebrate 'Mean Girls Day'

Out gay actors and "Mean Girls" co-stars Jonathan Bennett and Daniel Franzese took to social media to celebrate the cult classic's Oct. 3 holiday, PEOPLE Magazine reported.

"Jonathan Bennett shared a series of Instagram photos Sunday of himself and former co-star Daniel Franzese laughing and kissing each other on the cheek with the tongue-in-cheek caption, 'What gay is it?'" PEOPLE detailed. The post included a rainbow emoji and the hashtag "#pride".

The photos Bennett posted, which were taken in New York's Times Square, included pictures of him and Franzese kissing each other.

"'Mean Girls' is arguably one of the most quotable films of the early aughts, and one of the most iconic quotes from the entire film happens to be about a day in October," ET Online explained. "Every year when Oct. 3 hits, memes flood social media with the scene between Jonathan Bennett's Aaron Samuels and Lindsay Lohan's Cady Heron."

In that scene, romantic sparks start to warm between the two characters — not a likely outcome in real life, of course, since Bennett is openly gay and married to fellow out gay actor Jaymes Vaughn. The couple married earlier this year. And in 2021 they formed their own cruise company, called OUTbound.

For his part, Franzese made headlines last week when he called out Darren Aronofsky's acclaimed new movie "The Whale," suggesting that the fact that the film is led by straight actor Brendan Fraser was a case of inauthentic casting.

"He's a lovely man," Franzese said of Fraser, who plays the film's protagonist, a 600 lb. gay man whose earlier marriage to a woman and fathering of a child led to massive guilt. "But why? Why go up there and wear a fat suit" for the role, Franzese added in comments he made to PEOPLE Magazine.

"To finally have a chance to be in a prestige film that might be award-nominated, where stories about people who look like us are being told? That's the dream," the "Looking" co-star added.

"So when they go time and time again and cast someone like Brendan Fraser, me and the other big queer guys, we're like, 'What the ... ?'"

Added Franzese: "But I guess you can go ahead and wear a fat suit and do what you got to do and get your Oscar. We'll just sit here, waiting."

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