Adult Star Billy Santoro Booted from Sydney Apartment Complex

Saturday December 5, 2020

Billy Santoro (right) and his husband Gage
Billy Santoro (right) and his husband Gage  (Source:Instagram)

A removal van was spotted outside the Monument, the exclusive apartment complex in Sydney, Australia in what could be the final chapter in gay porn star Billy Santoro's ongoing dispute with management of complex's Horizon tower.

"Sydney's ultimate work from home couple, American porn star Billy Santoro and his Australian husband Gage, have left the exclusive Monument apartments. And it seems they didn't go willingly," writes the Sydney Morning Herald.

Santoro's work-from-home model proved frustrating for his fellow tenants, as EDGE previously reported. "Neighbours have complained about visitors to the seventh-floor apartment and — how to phrase this? — failing to practice social distancing during meet-and-greets organised via social media," writes the SMH in an earlier report. An ambulance was called on one occasion.

The couple had been previously warned, the Australian website the Star-Observer reports, but the eviction came from the owners of the apartment who were renting it to Santoro and his husband. The owners were said to to be happy with the couple reconfiguring the unit into a studio for their home-made adult content.

When the SMH contacted the Monument for comment, they hit a firewall:"the concierge Gary put the phone down on us. How rude! We thought we would have better luck with strata committee member Christian Bohlke, but he hung up as well. Stay classy CB."

Santoro made headlines earlier this year for "saying that black protestors should be shot in the wake of George Floyd's murder," writes the Star-Observer.

"Lol. America! Lol you let your blacks loot as a way of protest. Wake the f**k up. Shoot first," Santoro wrote on Facebook. Later Santoro tweeted that "blacks will just breed more hatred towards them."

He later apologized and blamed meth addiction for his racist rant.

"I've said some things that I totally regret, which I apologise for and by no way mean, while under the influence. I finally woke up one day and hit rock bottom.

"Me and my husband Gage both have an addiction that we're fighting, and it's been hard. We have all the tools to recover but it's been very hard."

Most adult film companies severed their relationship with Santoro after this incident, EDGE reported earlier this year.

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