Gay Twitter Explodes in Solidarity over Hairy Chests

Saturday May 22, 2021
Originally published on May 18, 2021

On Monday someone tweeted their opinion: "Hairy chests are a massive ick."

The reaction was immediate with gay men on Twitter with those throwing shade on the comment. "Soon enough, countless queer folk unbuttoned their striped Zara and H&M shirts — or took them off altogether — in defiance as they did their best Tom Selleck in Magnum PI impression," wrote Yahoo News.

"Braving the body-shaming by bearing their beautifully hairy chests for the world (or at least, their followers) to see, users of all body types and looks sought to uplift one another and say it is perfectly OK to have body hair, or none at all."

In other words, as BuzzFeed News put it: "Silenced no more, gays with hairy chests proudly reclaimed their ick."

Check out their tweets: