Watch: 'My Policeman' Director Shares What Harry Styles Watched to Prepare Sex Scenes

by Emell Adolphus

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Sunday November 6, 2022
Originally published on October 3, 2022

Harry Styles in "My Policeman"
Harry Styles in "My Policeman"  (Source:Prime Video)

Harry Styles was taking notes and taking notice to prepare for his sex scenes in the upcoming "My Policeman," and they have reportedly paid off.

His co-star David Dawson recently revealed that both "promised each other" mutual support going into filming the sex scenes. And he described those scenes as "incredibly easy" with Styles.

Now, director Michael Grandage has shed some light into what exactly Styles did to prepare and make things so "easy," reported Entertainment Weekly. Styles reportedly delved into different films including "Hiroshima mon amour" and "The Servant," the 1963 black-and-white drama by filmmaker Joseph Losey.

"I find it a massively affecting film, with its menace and its underbelly," Grandage says about the film starring Dirk Bogarde as an aristocrat facing off against a hired servant with lots of sexual tension. "[Losey] understood so much about how to tell a story by just a picture and not needing any dialogue at all."

The movie reportedly became a "huge influence" for how Grandage approached the sex scenes in "My Policeman" and encouraged the "My Policeman" main stars to watch it.

Another source of influence was "Don't Look Now," which features an extended sex scene between actors Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie.

"Often we just go, 'And now, the intimacy scene — one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, and gone.' But I said, 'What happens if you extend those moments into scenes that are as big as some of the other scenes?'"

He added, "As a director and as somebody who is in the creative industries, you want art to comment on art, and you want art to comment on life, politics, and history to help us understand ourselves a bit better," he says. "That seems to be a glorious theme for me to be able to explore."

Audiences will get the chance to see if he succeeded in theaters on Oct. 21. The movie then hits Amazon Prime on Nov. 4.