Coming Stateside, Drag Star Ana Macho Talks 'Realismo Mágico'

Thursday October 6, 2022
Originally published on October 5, 2022

Ana Macho
Ana Macho  

On social media Ana Macho describes herself as a non-binary Caribbean popstar and the wife of Bad Bunny. Over the past six years Macho (a.k.a. Karhu Castro) has become one of Puerto Rico's leading drag stars, and this month they head to the Northeast for shows in Boston and New York.

First up is at the Seed Recreational Cannabis Dispensary in Boston on October 6, followed by two Brooklyn dates (on October 22 and 23). for additional details, visit Ana Macho's Facebook page.

Asked in an interview for the website Her Campus about their plans for the future, Macho said: "I want a stand-up comedy special on Netflix." In the meanwhile, catch them in one of these more intimate venues on this tour.

EDGE spoke to Ana Macho about how drag happened for them, where their name came from, and what Realismo Mágico is.

Ana Macho
Ana Macho  

EDGE: How did drag happen for you?

Ana Macho: I first discovered drag in middle school, thanks to the popular TV show "RuPaul's Drag Race." I instantly knew that I wanted to do that. Having the ability to transform and perform whatever and however while exploring my feminine power was very appealing to me. I started doing drag at 18, once I moved to San Juan. I've never stopped.

EDGE: Where does your name come from?

Ana Macho: Ana Macho comes from Ana Cacho, a controversial figure in Puerto Rico due to her possible involvement in a famous murder. It's in very poor taste, and I love that.

EDGE: You are one of Puerto Rico's leading drag queens. Are you thinking of coming stateside?

Ana Macho: I love to travel the world. I can spend weeks at a time anywhere. However, I have my home base and roots in Puerto Rico. I love the island life too much.

Ana Macho
Ana Macho  

EDGE: How would you describe your music?

Ana Macho: I make Caribbean pop music. I explore the plethora of musical genres that are rooted in the Caribbean while bending it with pop melodies and soundscapes. It's very dreamy, honest, and sincere.

EDGE: How has your drag evolved over your career?

Ana Macho: I have polished my craft as a business-minded creative. Ana Macho as a performer has evolved into something so unique and very specific to my passions, which are music, comedy, and audiovisual production. I am very proud of what I have built for myself.

EDGE: What has been the biggest surprise for you since you started doing drag?

Ana Macho: How many old ladies love it!

EDGE: How did the pandemic affect your career?

Ana Macho: It pushed me to explore my art outside of bars. It forced me to recommit to music in a way that changed the course of my life. I was able to take all that free time to produce my first EP and to connect with artistic interests that I had left on the back burner to prioritize traditional drag performance. I am very happy I took that time to learn and create.

EDGE: You appear at a cannabis dispensary. How did that come about?

Ana Macho: This is very exciting for me! I am very pro-cannabis. The cannabis leaf has blessed every corner of my art; let's just say that! It feels very full circle for me. I never thought I'd be flying out to do a show in Boston, let alone doing one in a dispensary! It's so cool.

EDGE: What is Realismo Mágico?

Ana Macho: Realism Mágico is my latest EP. It's my Caribbean pop thesis statement. I wanted to create a solid body of work that reflected not only my abilities as a songwriter and producer, but also explored the beauty of falling in love in the Caribbean.

EDGE: What advice would Ana Macho give Karhu Castro?

Ana Macho: Wear sunblock!

EDGE: Where can we find out more about Ana Macho?

Ana Macho: My IG is @anamachoalfa, and you can find my awesome music anywhere music is streamed.

For additional details, visit Ana Macho's Facebook page.


Watch Ana Macho perform "Pero Gané":