The Flash - The Complete Fourth Season

by JC Alvarez

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Tuesday August 28, 2018

The Fastest Man Alive meets his match!

Of the entire CW primetime line-up of genre-based shows that have adapted to the small screen the heroic pantheon of DC Comics characters "The Flash" The Complete Fourth Season, available now on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD and starring Grant Gustin as the hero with a penchant for speedy delivery, is perhaps the most closely realized, making every fanboy and girl's dream come true! Entering into the hit series Fourth Season afforded the opportunity to move things in a different direction.

At the conclusion of Season Three's cliffhanger, Barry (Gustin) had made a serious mess of things by traveling back in time and causing a "FlashPoint" event that inevitably leads to some major alterations in the time stream. Like any good guy, Barry makes amends and decides against his better angels that he should take a time out and work it all out in the Speed Force, the metaphysical energy source that powers his speed powers. But after some time away Central City starts to fall apart and even "Team Flash" can't contend with the new threats that arise in Flash's absence.

Devising an elaborate plan to rescue The Flash from his Speed Force purgatory, Barry's true love, Iris (Candice Patton) is unaware the plan that is suddenly set in motion as the season's "big bad" villain, The Thinker (played by Neil Sandilands), endeavors to not only discredit Barry Allen and destroy The Flash; the madman is preparing a plot that will bring the world to its knees! How will Barry and his friends take on a foe that can anticipate their every move and is always ten steps ahead of the Fastest Man Alive?

A particular high point of the season is the much anticipated epic four-part crossover event "Crisis on Earth-X," which brought the casts from all The CW superhero series together for a week-long arc that brought our heroes face to face with their evil doppelgängers from one of the many alternate-Earths in the mighty DC multiverse. On Earth-X the Third Reich bested the Allies and charted a new course, sinking their planet into dark mirror Alt-Right fascist state; now the Nazis are looking to take over!

Our heroes eventually emerge victorious, trumping their enemies, and Barry and Iris finally get to exchange vows and make it official before returning to stopping The Thinker from exacting his ultimate plan, but in what emerged as one of the most unpredictable seasons of "The Flash" you can always count on Barry Allen to save the day. Season Four also featured some of the most engaging guest stars, including Katee Sackhoff as the metal-manipulating Amunet Black, and storylines ripped from the comics, like "The Trial of Barry Allen."

Fans can now binge all 23 Season Four episodes on the 4-disc Blu-ray, which also includes the four-part crossover event "Crisis on Earth-X," and additional bonus features including the cast interview from 2017 Comic-Con, an introduction to the show's newest player The Elongated Man, commentary from the series' writers, a gag reel and deleted scenes. "The Flash: The Complete Fourth Season" on Blu-ray is the perfect way to get caught up before the action returns in October.

"The Flash: The Complete Fourth Season"
available on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD

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