Watch: Homophobic Lithuanian Pol Caught With Mystery Shirtless Man in Zoom Meeting

Sunday December 6, 2020

Petras Gražulis (right) and the mystery man
Petras Gražulis (right) and the mystery man  (Source:YouTube)

Now you see him, now you don't. What was a shirtless, younger man seen in Zoom screen of homophobic Lithuanian MP Petras Gražulis?

The man was seen at the 13 minute and 45 second mark on a streamed meeting of the parliament's Culture Committee. He appeared next to Gražulis, who closes his video feed almost immediately, but not before the mystery man invited comments from his colleagues and a number of explanations.

It is the latest instance of a homophobic politician from an Eastern European country being caught in a gay-related scandal. As it was reported earlier this week József Szájer, a Hungarian member of the European Parliament (MEP) resigned after being caught attending a gay orgy in Brussels.

"According to the chairman of the parliamentary committee, Vytautas Juozapaitis, other people sitting alongside MPs during meetings can pose a danger to the integrity of the politicians," reports the English version of the Lithunian website LRT.

"Without a doubt, [other people] can influence the decisions" of the MPs, said Juozapaitis.

"It's probably the responsibility of every member of parliament to ensure that no other people appear in their home environment," said Juozapaitis, adding that he himself did not notice the naked man in question.

"It's a question of why they are half-naked during working hours. Of course, you could say it's a person's private life, but he is connecting to a Seimas meeting," LRT reports.

According to the French website TÊTU, Gražulis "got angry when asked who this man was beside him. At first, this member of the Order and Justice party claimed that it was his son before changing his version barely an hour later."

At that point he claimed the man was a journalist persecuting him. "Yes, I said it was my son, but looking better at the video, I can guarantee you that it is Andrius Tapinas. He haunts me everywhere, no wonder he has to there ", explains the parliamentarian.

Except, TÊTU, adds, "the man in the video doesn't look like the journalist at all." To which Andrius said he could easily change his appearance.

"The journalist hasn't commented on the scandal yet, so Grazulis is forced to face the music alone - but he wouldn't be dealing with so much mockery if he wasn't one of the strongest anti-LGBT+ voices in Lithuania," reports Pink News.

When questioned in Parliament the next day, Gražulis said: "So that you don't have to ask the question, I'll tell you. 10 MPs have already asked me the question. It was Andrius Tapinas, it was really Andrius Tapinas. If you don't believe me, you don't 'Just ask him (...) He's haunted me for six months now ..."

Like many of his colleagues, Gražulis has a long homophobic history. In 2007, Pink News reported, asked 'Do you support the position of the Lithuanian Catholic Church, that homosexuality is a perversion?" 89 out of 141 members of parliament (Seimas) answered yes,"including Gražulis.

"I support the position of the Church, there is no doubt about it. These people are indeed sick and perverted. They pose a threat to society because they molest children."

Amongst other instances of his homophobic behavior, Pink News adds, was that in 2012 "he gate-crashed an LGBT+ rights event attended by senior foreign officials and declared that all gay people should leave the country.

"And as a homophobic publicity stunt in 2013 he delivered an offensive 'present' to a Lithuanian LGBT+ group - a pair of men's trousers with a zip directly where the buttocks met."

Whether he or his Zoom pal were wearing the trousers in the video has yet to be determined.

follow this link to view the video. The shirtless man appears at the 13m45s mark.

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