Mass. GOP Candidate for Senate Tweets 'Faggot' But Claims It's Not Derogatory

Wednesday July 6, 2016

Homophobia and Native American bashing hit the campaign trail for one Republican candidate for Massachusetts State Senate who dropped the anti-LGBT "f-bomb" while praising GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump.

Massachusetts State Senate hopeful Ted Busiek took to Twitter on Saturday to show his support for Trump's bid for the White House. What he wrote was shocking.

Hold on, it gets worse. In the tweet, Busiek linked to a video of The Donald during a U.S. Native American affairs subcommittee that some of the people running Indian casinos didn't look indian to him.

When called on his use of the anti-gay slur, Busiek claims that he didn't use the word "Faggot" in his tweet in a "hateful sense" or to cast dispersions that the congressman in the video was homosexual. He used the term to convey his option that the congressman was "obnoxious" and "being a jerk."

State Sen. Jamie Eldridge, D-Acton, said his Republican challenger should apologize and consider dropping out of the race after a remark made in the July 2 tweets.

Despite his backpedaling on his interpretation of the word "Faggot," Busiek's record shows that he is no friend to Massachusetts' gay community. He has gone on the record as opposing same-sex marriage (which has been legal in the Bay State for 13 years) and is vehemently opposed to gay couples adopting.

Recently, he urged Gov. Charlie Baker not to sign the LGBT rights bill via a tweet which read:

The now notorious July 2 tweet isn't the first time Busiek has had social media backfire on him. His campaign page on Facebook is open for all to comment. Here are just a few things people have to say.:

"Years from now they'll say Ted Busiek discovered time travel, by killing his own career before it began."

"Study after study has shown time and time again that the vast majority of homophobic men are themselves gay. How does it feel to see your political ambitions go up in flames? Douchebag."

"Kick ass or Lick ass? You've had your sycophantic face up Trump's ass for so long it's starting to look like orange leatherette. #cheetonose"

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