Thirst-trap Flashbacks: IG Account Looks Back at '70s & '80s Men

Saturday April 10, 2021
Originally published on April 3, 2021

Thanks to the French website TÊTU for locating an Instagram account that brings new life to erotic gay images from the past, specifically archival pics from the 1970s and 1980s. The account is under the name of @truckstop_guy who, TÊTU writes: "With a fairly regular frequency, the owner of this page compiles screenshots from old pornographic VHS as well as photos from retro homoerotic magazines. The general watchword is above all to honor a facet of Western gay history by carrying out colossal archiving work."

TÊTU tracked down BJ, who created the page, to talk about his posts and his process. "They belong to a riskier time when identifying clearly and proudly as gay, in a sexual way moreover, was revolutionary, underlines the sixty-year-old. Not that things are perfect today, but these men took a risk and helped young people like me to accept their sexuality but also to be totally satisfied with it."

But BJ does more than just post the pics. He researches each one "to be as complete as possible on the models presented, on the studios, on the context ...," TÊTU adds. "At a time when the exchange of nudes has become commonplace, BJ wants to cherish these visuals which represented a true counter-current for the 80s."

The photos include a Who's-Who of adult male performers from the time, including JD Slater, Al Parker, Bruno, Paul Gerrior, Mike Morris, Jack Wrangler, Bull Dozier amongst the hundreds of annotated posts from studios such as Colt, Falcon, Target, and Brentwood, plus such magazines as Mandate, Honcho, Playguy and Drummer. Dressed as construction workers, cops, and fireman with big hair, mustaches and plenty of body hair, these pics are definitely from the time before the Internet. But a few of the bearded looks could easily be from our digitized world.

And since Instagram forbids explicit nudity, BJ has a website where he posts appear in their entirety.

Check out some of the posts: