Helix Studios Owner Hospitalized in Domestic Assault; Also Denies Accusations by Former Models

Thursday May 6, 2021

There has been considerable drama at the top of Helix Studios, the Las Vegas-based adult male streaming company owned by Keith Miller. Last weekend the NSFW-website Str8UpGayPorn.com reported two of the company's performers, Eli Bennet and Jordan Lake, left the company, with tweets claiming "accusations of 'dark secrets,' 'disrespect,' 'belittlement,' and a work environment that Bennet describes as 'a glorified hell.' "

The pair mark the third and fourth high-profile talents to leave the company after performers Kane Fox and Trevor Harris quit working with Helix back in February.

"My advice for anybody wanting to enter the adult film industry, if you expect to be given any amount of human decency pick a different studio to film with," concluded Bennet is an a lengthy tweet (posted below) on Sunday. Just the day before, he was to shoot a scene with Helix, but it was canceled at the last minute, which was explained by the producer Miller in a statement that said "he was assaulted during a domestic violence incident on Saturday, and Helix staff who went with him to the hospital could obviously not proceed with Bennet's shoot."

"Once at the hospital, Miller says, a defibrillator had to be used when his heart stopped beating, and he thanks the emergency room doctors for saving his life," wrote Str8UpGayPorn. (To see the pics of Miller's injuries, click here.

He wrote in his statement: "Around noon on Saturday I was personally involved in a Domestic Violence incident at my home. As the incident unfolded I reached out to my employees who live nearby. They immediately dropped everything and raced to my home to help. By the time they arrived I was already in an ambulance to be transported to the hospital. The stress from the scuffle resulted in my heartbeat becoming dangerously abnormal.

"Shortly after arriving at the ER and just after Helix directors Casey and Max were let back to see me, hospital staff cleared the room and administered a defibrillator shock to restart my heart. Thankfully, the doctor's quick action saved my life; however Max and Casey were left in the waiting room with no information on me for the next four hours. Casey cancelled the scene scheduled for that day and simply said it was due to an emergency, as my condition was not yet known."

He then addressed the accusations by Bennet and Lake.

"A short time later the nasty tweets started and eventually a video accusing me of some horrendous things appeared online."

Those were the tweets from Bennet and Lake, who are roommates and decided to release their tweets in tandem. Lake wrote: "Today was my last day working with Helix... Coming into this I was very eager and excited for what await[ed] me, I didn't know about all of the dark secrets that were in store for me. I have been disrespected and belittled over and over again.... During my duration with Helix I was told many things that just didn't add up. I was told to keep things in the dark but I refuse to be in the dark anymore..."

Bennet's announcement was "even more damning, and it alludes to even more serious instances of mistreatment," wrote Str8UpGayPorn.com. In it, he writes in part: "I would soon find out every dark and secret sin that surrounded the company, and it was my task to keep quiet and keep the illusion of their environment thriving... I was never in control when it came to filming, if I was in pain or uncomfortable I was told to simply stop being so dramatic. I was brought into this company as a young 18-year-old, promised all of these amazing things. At the time it sounded perfect, but I soon came to realize that it was their version of a glorified hell..."

When Str8UpGayPorn.com posted the report about Bennet and Lake on Sunday, they reached out to Helix and Miller for a comment and did not receive one. But on Thursday they posted the story about Miller's assault and the denials he made in his statement, which read:

"I absolutely deny every single one of the awful accusations claimed by Eli and Jordan. Dating or having sexual relations with models has always been my red line. It is known within the company that models are strictly off-limits and I have fired employees over taking advantage of our talent in the past. The rule has always been if you are sleeping with me you can't also be a model, no exceptions. It has been this way since I started the business 19 years ago. I am devastated to have discovered the accusations upon my return home from the hospital. In no way did I take advantage, drug or behave with misconduct towards anyone; especially the most important part of my business, the models.

"Eli, I am sorry you were not told of the nature of the emergency, but Casey did not know what was happening as the emergency was unfolding. I don't understand where these accusations come from. I have always done my best to promote and advise our talent to becoming as successful as possible. I apologize for making you feel taken advantage of.

"To all Helix fans, I am sorry for this mess and the drama. There will be many changes to come after this, but hopefully it will help us create even better content for you to enjoy."