Bad Romance: Jack Mackenroth Breaks Up with Dolf Dietrich (and It Is Not Pretty)

Sunday May 9, 2021
Originally published on May 8, 2021

Break-ups don't get nastier than this. And because of Twitter, one between two popular adult male personalities has become very public. "While they had been romantically linked for at least the past year, Project Runway reality star Jack Mackenroth and gay porn star Dolf Dietrich are clearly not dating anymore," reports the adult male website

On Friday night, with a series of tweets, Mackenroth let the world know the depth of his animus towards Dietrich (aka Topher Ellsworth.)

Full disclosure: Ellsworth once worked for EDGE.

The deleted tweet featured pics of an injured and bloodied Mackenroth.

Then things got uglier as Mackenroth went onto accuse Dietrich in his tweet of some pretty nasty stuff.

Mackenroth's further tweets made additional accusations against his ex concerning finances and sexual proclivities, including photos of some unusual sex toys. For his part, Dietrich accused Mackenroth of not caring for his dog when he was traveling, which Mackenroth denied.

Dietrich responded to the allegations with a tweet:

It was just weeks ago that the couple sent each other emoji-filled tweets expressing their affection, with Mackenroth writing, "My #DILFDADDYDUO © @DolfDietrich is always swinging his MASSIVE cock around in his short so I thought I'd give him a run. (No contest but(t) it was FFun & so will tomorrow." To which Dietrich responded, "Omg you are SO FUCKING CUTE. I swear I'm the luckiest guy I know," followed by three heart emojis.

On Twitter, some responded to Mackenroth's tweet, which he pinned to the top of his account, about the alleged assault, pointing out that perhaps social media isn't the best place to report an assault. There is no mention of Mackenroth's part that he made a report to authorities.

To which Dietrich agreed: