Watch: High Roads and Low: Inside Jack Mackenroth & Dolf Dietrich's Very Messy Break-up

Tuesday May 18, 2021
Originally published on May 13, 2021

Their breakup may not have gotten the headlines that J-Lo and Arod may have gotten recently, but gay Manhattan was abuzz this week about LGBTQ influencer Jack Mackenroth and adult star Dolf Dietrich's breakup that went very public this past weekend.

Mackenroth tweeted a pic of himself with blood on his face and right arm with the text: "Topher Ellsworth aka @Dolfdietrich just forced his way into my apt, attacked me, throwing my cell into a water bucket & assaulting me." The deleted tweet went on to accuse Dietrich of illegal, predatory behavior.

For his part, Dietrich also claimed to have been "robbed/beat up over the weekend," reported. Dietrich tweeted the message last Friday, the adult site reported on Wednesday. (The tweet is no longer on Dietrich's feed.)

"Dolf Dietrich has a long and troubled history of engaging in online fights with other porn stars, but this is the first time claims of physical violence (not to mention the other claims) have been made against him," added.

In an update, the site wrote that "Jack Mackenroth has responded to the question of whether or not a police report has been filed on the alleged assault and discovery of child porn, and he tells Str8Up that he has not filed any such report. 'I didn't [file a report] because I still love him,' he wrote, referring to Dolf Dietrich."

He also tweeted a pic of Post-it notes with affectionate messages to Dietrich with the text: "I wrote @dolfdietrich a love note almost EVERY DAY of our relationship not expecting anything in return. (Accurate) I'm a true romantic. I can't help it. I spent 1000s of dollars on him & went into business w him. He bailed on it all. But I can only blame myself. No regrets."

Dietrich addressed his messy break-up in a conversation with Mark Peikert on his YouTube show The Gay Goods. When the subject turned to how the adult star is adjusting to OnlyFans, Dietrich explained how Mackenroth mentored him through his understanding of the site after meeting at a gym in the spring of 2020.

"It was so strange that we had circled around each other for like eight or nine years in Manhattan, we never actually met," Dietrich recalled. Once they hit it off, the OnlyFans veteran taught beginner Dietrich how to best use the platform, and they became boyfriends.

"Unfortunately we're no longer together. We separated recently," Dietrich said. To which the show's host, Peikert, replied, "I might have heard something about that just in the gay ether floating around. It seemed like it was not a great breakup, to be frank." Dietrich agreed, saying how living in the same building complicated matters.

But he went on to have nothing but good things to say about his ex. "I wish nothing but the best for Jack and all the happiness in the world. I love the good parts of him. I'm one of those guys who, I'm forgiving, and I love, I still love the men I've ever been with. I've been very lucky in love, even though I'm single again, But feel like those experiences that I've taken from my boyfriend from Paris and that was married before that and had some interludes with some other people in the industry. I carry the good memories with me and that's what I choose to remember, and just really keep with me, and the bad stuff and try and just you know, put it aside and learn from it."

Peikert then commented that Dietrich had a remarkably generous reaction to Jack's version of things, "which is not painting you in a particularly flattering or legal light." Dietrich responded that "it's unfortunate that he's feeling the need to, to create some sort of narrative that really isn't true. I decided to take the high road. Those who know me, understand that, you know, I'm a stand-up kind of guy and I just, you know, I'm transparent I have nothing to hide. So there was no reason for me to really fight back. Like I said he's decided to take a very different road than me. So, you know, well my Twitter feed is all puppies and rainbows, his is more like toxic land. So, you know, that's his choice. If he wants to take that route, you know, it'll all pan out."

Dietrich added how they had worked things out that morning and decided on a "truce" and just "remember the good times, and that's what I want, I don't want to blow anything bad, he can say what he wants, but I'm doing good."

"Yeah, I feel like I feel like there's a lot of, you know, things that we both regret," Dietrich concluded. "That I think that we, you know, can't get back but we learned from them. So, you know, I just wish him the best. Honestly, I like I said, I love the great parts of him. He's an amazing, talented, beautiful, smart, funny man. And I just, you know, I can't, I can't say nothing except I wish him all the happiness in the world."

Full disclosure: Topher Ellsworth was once employed by EDGE Media Network.