Disco Coalition's grooves - 'Super Queeros' parties with Juanita MORE!

by C.J. Knight

Bay Area Reporter

Wednesday April 10, 2019

While fundraisers and drag queens are commonplace in the Castro, it's rare that 100 percent of the proceeds from a three-hour Friday event goes to a great cause. But, that's exactly what The Disco Coalition, a new series of happy hour nights leading up to San Francisco Pride, is all about: shining a spotlight on the queer community and raising funds for nonprofits.

The debut Disco Coalition event on March 29 at the Lookout honored queer hero Juanita MORE, a matriarch of the House of More, who's known for her tireless fundraising, fabulous events and food and world-class SF Pride parties.

The event benefited the venerable GLBT History Society which operates its museum in the Castro, with archives downtown. In addition to the proceeds from the jam-packed patrons 'drinking for good,' Titos Vodka will match monies raised, up to $1,000, for each of the events through June.

Disco Coalition co-founders Chris Hastings and Aaron Wessels want to raise money and bring attention to issues and causes that impact queerkind and humankind.

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