Has the Average Number of Tech Devices Increased per Household, and Why Might This Be?

Tuesday July 27, 2021

Tech plays a significant role in most people's lives now and is something with which we are all familiar. Over the years, this has seen more and more people fall in love with owning the latest tech. When you look at the stats in this area, it seems clear the average number of tech devices per household has steadily increased. There were estimated to be 11 tech devices per household in the United States on average in 2019, for example. Recent figures from Deloitte showed this has jumped to 25 devices per U.S. household on average in 2021!

But why has this increase occurred?

Tech Devices are Fun and Keep You Amused

Many tech devices open up a whole new world of entertainment to users and give people more choices on what to do when bored. As a result, more and more people buy them to use at home. Music streaming on a mobile phone is a great example, as is streaming movies on your tablet.

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Improving Internet Speeds Is a Factor

When we talk about tech devices in households, we are talking about smart devices and those that connect to the internet. From smart thermostats to modern smartphones and tablets, internet access is what makes them all so useful and desirable. For smart devices, the internet is what enables them to talk to one another online.

However, it is only possible with fast internet speeds, which cut down on lag and buffering. Therefore, increasingly fast internet speeds are a major reason why more people have started to use tech devices in the home. With developments like 5G making internet speeds even faster and the launch of devices like 5G Apple iPhones also helping, you can see tech ownership rising even more in the future.

Tumbling Costs

Perhaps the last major reason the average number of tech devices per household is rising is cost. Although buying the latest brand-new appliances from top brands is not cheap, you can pick up refurbed tech or less well-known brands for a lot less. Relatively low-cost options like these now mean more people can afford to buy tech devices.

Tech Device Ownership Rises on Average

The jump in average ownership levels per household in the last few years shows that tech devices are becoming more in-demand. This is not surprising when you consider the reasons discussed above plus the central role technology itself plays in society. It is hard to imagine functioning without a smartphone, tablet, PC, or laptop in modern life, after all.