'The White Lotus' Pushes Envelope with Hilarious Rimming Scene

Wednesday August 4, 2021

Spoiler alert: In describing the queer content of this HBO series, plot details are revealed.

On Sunday's episode of "The White Lotus," Mike White's sharp, funny satire of the upper class set in a luxe Hawaiian resort, the property's Armond (Murray Bartlett) has set his eyes on one of his employees, the surfer-boy type Dillon (Lukas Gage). He has also gone on a bender after finding a bag full of drugs that were left on the beach by a pair of college girls. And, quite high, he makes a pass at Dillon by putting a bag of Special K on the table.

But in a hilarious case of flagrante delicto, the pair are caught by another staff member and Armond's arch-enemy — an entitled honeymooner with a grudge — when Armond's face is planted in Dillon's butt cheeks.

The scene immediately became a trending topic on social media:

Some criticized the scene as being too tame and not fully realistic of the sex act being performed.

"The criticisms, which came largely from gay and bisexual men, focused on the fact that Dillon was standing upright, when they strongly believed he should have been bent all the way over that desk, and that Armond wasn't up in there far enough," writes Men's Health. "Several commenters remarked that, in addition to an intimacy coordinator, some kind of ass-eating advisor should also have been present on-set to suitably choreograph the scene."

Men's Health even posted a handy guide to analingus.

The rimming scene, though, wasn't the first to be seen on a television series. Twenty-two years ago, in the first season of the British "Queer as Folk," writer-director Russell T Davies introduced the sex act in a scene between Charlie Hunnam and Aiden Gillen. More recently than that, Davies included a rimming moment in his HBO Max miniseries, "It's a Sin."

"In the scene, (Olly) Alexander's character Ritchie is told by his lover Ash (Nathaniel Curtis) that he needs 'a good wash' after a rimming incident goes wrong," Pink News reported.

Speaking of the scene, Alexander (of the music group Years & Years) told GQ, "Reflecting on the painful relatability of the scene, Alexander told GQ: "If I can bring anything to the British public, it's a lesson in anal hygiene. I can tell you I'll never forget being practically butt-naked with my arse in the air in front of colleagues."