Watch: Man Called Gay Slur While Working Out Shirtless

Sunday October 17, 2021
Originally published on October 13, 2021

"An 18-year-old fitness enthusiast has captured the shocking moment a stranger confronted him and went off on a homophobic rant because he was exercising shirtless at the gym, calling him a 'weirdo' and a 'f****t,' " reports the Daily Mail.

TikTokerNick Nush, a college student from Bensalem,Pennsylvania was working out shirtless, and was harassed by the other man in a TikTok that has gone viral. The user, NickNush, began to tape the video when he saw the man begin to film him with his phone. "What are you doing, man," the man asked NickNush. "Getting a shirtless workout in?"

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NickNush answered yes, and was immediately called a "weirdo" by the man. "How," asked NickNush. "Cause your shirtless in a fu**ing gym reta**," the man responded. NickNush explained he was filming his back workout, asking the man, "what's your problem?"

Things began to get heated at this point. "You ain't gotta record me," says NickNush. "Fuck you," responds the man. "F*** you [email protected]**.";

"I don't even know this dude," says NickNush, "and I am confused as hell as to what is going on cause I don't understand why he's cursing me out and stuff. But he continues to stare at me and flip me off and mouth things at me, so I just had to say something."

"What you mad a 18yo bigger then you? he asks the man.

The man smashes his water bottle and faces NickNush face-to-face. "What's your problem you talking to me?" NickNush asks. "idk your talking buddy," the man responds."Talking from across the F***ing gym what you think."

The exchange ends with the man saying, "Fuck you," adding, "Yeah I'll f*** you up p****."

NickNush ended the video with a close-up of the man saying "Fuck you."

The Daily Mail adds that Nick told Jam Press that he was surprised by the confrontation, explaining: 'I normally only workout shirtless if I'm recording my back or want to record any body part you can't see with a tank top on. I have never received this type of reaction before."

He was able to ignore the man and finish his workout.

"I did show the gym managers the video and it's up to them what they want to do with him," he added.

"The viral TikTok video has been viewed more than seven million times and has received nearly 30,000 comments. Many people were impressed by how Nick kept his cool during the heated exchange."