(l-r) Felix Fox, Malik Delgaty and Jake Andrich (Jakipz™) Source: Instagram

Who are the Highest Searched Gay Adult Stars?


Pornhub, the Amazon of adult content, released its annual report of who and what is being watched on the site. The comprehensive report, which can be viewed at this link, breaks down viewership by many filters, including data from its NSFW gay channel, PornhubGay, most notably the most searched adult male performers.

What shouldn't be surprising is that most of the Top Ten have used social media to extend their viewership, with some all but ignoring the major adult male studios. Here is the top ten in descending order:

10. Dan Benson

Dan Benson came to fame as part of the Disney show "Wizards of Waverly Place" more than a decade ago. After the show ended its run, acting roles became scarce for the actor and he found a second career as a graphic designer. But more recently, Benson has found new-found fame with his OnlyFans Page. Asked about it by EDGE this past summer, Benson said: "I can't tell you, for my mental health, how much of a positive impact that has had on me." For more on Benson, visit his Instagram page.

9. Rhyheim Shabazz

Rhyheim Shabazz (pronounced RY-heem shuh-BAZ) has been making videos and posting content in 2019. Since then, the well-endowed LA-based entertainer has shot scenes with such companies as CockyBoys, Men.com, Tim Tales, and Voyr. In a recent interview with DVNTv, Shabazz addressed his penis size, saying: "I always thought it was small up until like, you know, [I] started using it.... There's dicks that are bigger; okay, that keep my ego and self-esteem in check, so." For more on Shabazz visit his Instagram page or his OnlyFans at this link.

8. Felix Fox

"I'm a submissive Muscle Bottom who loves being a good boy," Felix Fox writes on the website Fansly. A relative newcomer to the industry, 24-year-old Felix Fox started making adult content in 2021. In a short time this ginger has found work with Next Door Studios, Falcon Studios, CockyBoys, and SayUncle (amongst others). He also has an extensive modeling resume. Not surprisingly, the ripped Fox said to Str8UpGayPorn that when he's not working, he can be found at the gym. He also opened up about his love for Daddies. "Oh yes, I have a daddy fetish. I always have and probably always will! No matter who I work with, whether my top is a daddy, a bear, a lean and ripped jock, or even if they're a twink I will always call them 'daddy' or 'sir'." Fox describes himself as "an American bisexual pornographic actor, go-go dancer and adult model." For more on Fox, visit his Instagram and visit his Only Fans page

7. Reno Gold

26-year-old Reno Gold (who gets part of his name from his hometown of Reno, NV) started webcamming as a teenager before turning to making his old adult content. In the years since he has become one of the most successful adult male stars in the industry, purchasing a home, condos (managed by his mom), putting his niece and nephew through college, and giving generously to charities, such as raising $27,000 two years ago for the Elton John Aids Foundation. "I had been a stripper and escort from 18 to 23. I bought my first house in cash before OnlyFans ever existed! I was 21. OnlyFans changed my life. [I own] 16 in total, but 15 are condos and I have one house. They're all paid off," he told Pride.com. He attributes much of his success to his direct relationship with fans on social media. "I've never worked for a studio. I like working for myself," he explained to Attitude in 2021 "The most exciting thing when interacting with my fans is actually building that connection." For more on Gold, visit his Instagram, visit his website and OnlyFans page.

6. Tyler Wu

26-year old Tyler Wu is a professional figure skater as well as an adult content creator. He became involved in the industry in 2018 after completing his university studies. While pursuing his ice skating career, he began using Chaturbate and JustForFans for a little extra pocket money. When the pandemic hit, he honed his videography skills and joined OnlyFans. In a short time, he placed on Pornhub's Top Ten Gay Pornstars of the year. This year he places sixth. In addition to his social media posts, he has shot scenes for CockyBoys, Next Door Studios, Men.com, and PeterFever, a website devoted to muscular Asian men, an underrepresented demographic in gay porn. Asked about his success, Wu told the site Modelhub.com: "I would say it's my creativity and my willingness to try anything. Even if I film something that doesn't turn out to be exactly what I thought, sometimes it would surprise me and work out, and other times it wasn't good enough to share. I don't think I'm the best videographer or the best Model out there, but I'm not scared to try something different." For more on Wu, visit his Instagram.

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