Athletic Blonde Nils Tatum's 11 Insta Pics that Prove He's a Growing Star

Timothy Rawles READ TIME: 6 MIN.

Laptops are great because you can take them anywhere. Look at these two trying to search the internet for something titillating. The average WiFi signal can reach up to 150 feet so they could probably stream something from anywhere in the house. Based on what they're wearing, it's going to be a Netflix and chill kinda night.

A birder is someone who goes out into nature to study birds. Maybe Tatum is one of these curious people who love the winged creatures. If so, where he is in the world determines what kind he'll see. For instance, if he's in America, he might see a large woodcock, or in Africa, a Great Tit. In this pic we might be the birders looking for anything that stands out among the tree trunks.

Tatum looks like he's having some car trouble on what we can only imagine is a long road trip. Pulled to the side of the road, the model is inexplicably clad only in a green jockstrap and a gallant gaze. Hopefully, the teal sports car is okay and there's no need to lube the camshaft.

Just like the rest of us, Tatum needs a piping hot cup of Joe when he rises in the morning. It provides energy and focus. Conversely, lavender, as seen on his mug, promotes calm and relaxation. We aren't sure how he takes his coffee but it's clear that he likes his Calvin Kleins black with one lump. Or two.

From a sports car to a motorbike, Tatum likes his forms of transportation. When riding a motorcycle, it's necessary to wear protection. That includes a riding jacket and gloves. Although he's opted not to wear any body armor, we can clearly see he's got his helmet on display.

Like a model in a figure drawing, Tatum is reclining on his chair like an art class subject. Did you know a life model is a painful occupation? Posing for hours in the same position can put your muscles under a lot of stress. This doesn't look like the case for Tatum as he says "sit on me," which can create a whole new type of soreness.

Another motorcycle pic, but this time Tatum has a little more protection even though it seems to have come loose. Showing off his perfect chest, abs, and torso, this pic might give a new meaning to the term "crotch rocket."

by Timothy Rawles

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