Jonathan Zeizel, also known as Kid Jongo Source: Instagram / @kidjongo

Catching Up with Kid Jongo: Still Making Moves (and Winning Hearts) on Instagram

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Fans of LGBTQ+ gossip will likely remember the tabloids that obsessed over singer Sam Smith's relationships when they first broke through in the 2010s. One worth looking back on is Smith's connection with dancer and model Jonathan Zeizel, also known as Kid Jongo on Instagram. Zeizel and Smith made for an adorable pairing, but they didn't last very long. Sources say they broke up after less than three months in 2015.

The couple have since both moved on (Smith just debuted their new partner at the Met Gala). Zeizel still posts frequently on his IG for queer fans to soak up the sexy gay model's fashion and dance moves. Let's take a look at what Zeizel has been up to in the near decade since his time in the spotlight.

Zeizel still has that youthful glow and party attitude, posting about a fun Sunday from a public restroom at the end of April. He looks more mature than when you may have last saw him in the headlines, but the 32-year-old model shines with a sexy exuberance.

Zeizel gets up close and personal with a shirtless car selfie in the fall of 2023. Fans enjoyed his caption about being the worm to someone's bird, while others teased about wanting to take some of Jongo's armpit hair for their nest (he got a kick out of that, responding to the commenter with laughing emojis).

Zeizel shows off a longer hair look in 2022. With perfect lighting, a streak of gray in the front, and a caption about his social security number being filled with unlucky numbers, Jongo certainly knows how to give off bad-boy vibes.

Zeizel got to join the cast and crew of "The Masked Singer" in 2022 and gave fans a look inside the proceedings on the hit reality show. He flexed his crazy hairstyle in the second and third pictures, a funny contrast to his usually beautiful locks.

Zeizel shows he would make for a great father someday with this adorable photo of his nephew. Nothing looks more fun than a day in the sun of Toscano, Italy, with a baby in hand.

Zeizel is a mama's boy at heart. He gives a heartfelt description of his incredible time with his mother, trekking across the United States in summer 2021. Zeizel and his mom enjoyed mountains, diners, and sunshine in 15 different states in America. Wisconsin, Wyoming, California, and Indiana were a few they visited.

by Shawn Laib

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